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Buyer Beware

Ensure that the consultant you hire has actual SAP Sourcing/CLM experience.

The recent demand surge in SAP Sourcing/CLM has left the market clamoring for resources. This has led to “re-branding” of many SRM and ERP partner consultants  with minimal training*. In our opinion, these resources can be dangerous in architecting the system because they do not have SAP Sourcing/CLM experience and they approach the application with an SRM or ECC mindset. This application is completely different, the only similarity is the SAP logo in the upper left corner. Typically, these rebranded consultants have not done much more than completed the two week SAP Sourcing/CLM training course and adjusted their resume to appear that their projects were SAP Sourcing/CLM instead of SRM or ECC/ERP. The danger of these consultants working on your project is that they know where all the controls are, but have no idea of the full implication when they actually start to adjust them, which leads to unpleasant results.

We have been called upon by numerous companies, systems integrators, and consulting firms to recover them from failed or failing implementations that were unable to deliver the project with the resources staffed.

Even though this product is now owned by SAP, this is one area that finding the lowest cost per hour does not equate to the  lowest total project cost.


* SAP Consulting resources not intended to be included in this description of rebranded resources.

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